Layered Computer Security Since 2001

Trusted and Preferred for Comprehensive PC Protection

Layered Computer Security Since 2001

Trusted and Preferred for Comprehensive PC Protection

“If Your Data Isn’t Secure, It Isn’t Your Data™.”

Elevating the Gold Standard for Computer Security

At Software Security Solutions, we understand that digital safety can be overwhelming. We have been in service since 2001, striving to give clients superior cybersecurity products that work to protect their digital data and files.

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Alarming Increase of Cybersecurity Risks

Modern forms of cybersecurity threats such as ransomware have hugely impacted businesses across various industries. Small and medium enterprises in particular are becoming the major targets of cybercrime.

Hackers are learning to adapt their tactics, increasing the complexity and frequency of cyber attacks.

Example of Cyber Attacks

Phishing is a system access attempt that can be delivered using email and other internet communications. Today, security controls are required from the offices' physical security all the way to the human defense aspect.

Layered Security

We use a layered approach that involves finding best-of-breed tools that can support your security policy. Our goal is to find the best resources from each computer security category and integrate them into your system.

Why Use This Method?

Your security strategy needs to contain measures that protect your network infrastructure across all layers. By using this approach, we can redirect a hacker to another layer of defense and effectively protect your system.

Key Benefit

Multi-layered security offers flexibility in terms of customization, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Each security layer can be configured to fit the different budgets, needs, and compatibility requirements of your computer settings.

This approach ensures solutions are not conflicting with each other or doing complimentary security scans.

Tested and Proven

Our network security providers have been tested by third-party independent reviewers for dependability. Today, they are consistently proven to be among the best in the market.

Cost-Effective Strategy

Optimizing a layered security approach that is proven and integrated is typically more cost-effective than buying multiple security controls that are yet to be tested and proven. This is because the latter can substantially slow down your network traffic.

Applying the dependable layered security option also assists IT departments in budgeting for their corporate network needs. This allows the team to easily scale their approach to fit the measures and objectives of the company.

Types of Layered Security

Using a variety of security tools offers a better chance for data protection. Having the right measures halts potential security threats and outright malicious attacks before they can cause damage to your network or steal sensitive data.

We can layer the following:

  • Antimalware Security
  • Antivirus Security
  • Data at Rest
  • Encrypted Data in Motion
  • Firewall Security or Perimeter Security
  • Independent Filtering Solutions
  • Laptop Security
  • Multi-Factor Authentication or Two-Factor Authentication
  • On and Offsite Backups
  • Physical Security
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Security For Mobile Devices
  • Security From Advanced Threats
  • Updates
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Security Controls

Creating an effective layered security program requires the expertise of many industry professionals.

The number of security controls is directly linked to the mission-critical data, the location of said data, and the authorized individuals who have access to this data. It's all about data risk and your tolerance to that risk.

Utilizing a layered cybersecurity method allows us, your internal security team, and the IT department to adjust the security strategies as necessary. This way, we can reach your security objectives and protect the network infrastructure in the best way that works for you.

Building Layered Cybersecurity Programs

Security planning and layered security building are crucial to your endpoint security strategy. The first step involves understanding your surroundings.

Our process will also involve creating a tailor-fit cybersecurity defense program that stops active attacks effectively.

Beneficial for Business

The popularity of remote work and virtual business engagements has complicated today’s cybersecurity landscape. This has increased the number of potential attack channels.

Having a reliable cybersecurity platform will keep critical business information safe and eliminate operational delays.

A Little About Us

Our company is an all-inclusive cybersecurity service provider. We help clients save time and money by integrating all their virtual protection needs from one source.

Unmatched Industry Experience

Our experts apply more than 21 years of knowledge, experience, and skill to refine our approach to efficient cybersecurity practices.

We optimize our expertise in multi-layered security to assemble the best solutions that ensure protection for your computers and virtual networks.