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If your Data isn't secure, it isn't your Data. ®


Layered Security Solutions

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Securing data since 2001

Layered Security Solutions

Layered Security Model

The Facts:
Almost every day it seems there’s a new threat to computer security. How can anyone keep up? The answer lies in have a layered security solution. Different security solutions are more effective at combating different types of threats – so if one solution doesn’t catch the latest threat, another one most likely will. Unfortunately there’s no “silver bullet” to protect against every threat, so for the best protection it makes sense to use multiple solutions in defense of your data.

The Answer:
Different tools are good at different things, so using the right tools in the right place is a smart start. The SSS approach is simple: we offer different layers of security protection that can be assembled in different combinations to suit your particular needs. We continually test to make sure we have the best tools in the right places for each threat category and make sure they are the right fit for your business or home network.

How we help:
We know you have other things to do than become a computer security expert. So we take on that role for you, walking you through the layers that apply to your situation. This way, you learn where your vulnerabilities lie and what actions you need to take to protect your data. Why do we do this? Because;

If your data isn’t secure, it isn’t your data.®

To learn more about the SSS Layered Security Solution, make your selection below:

Small to Mid-Size Businesses
20+ computers on a network

Small Office/Home Office & Individual Users
Fewer than 20 computers, with or without a network


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"If your data isn't secure,
it isn't your data"®


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