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Layered Security Solution for Businesses

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   Layered Security

Layered Security for Small to Mid-Size Businesses:
There are three key stages to applying layered security protection to your business:

  1. Identify the data you need to protect. Is it data in motion or data at rest? Where is it? Who has access to it?
  2. Deploy all the necessary solutions to protect that data. The closer a hacker can get to the data the more layers of security they should have to go through.
  3. Monitor & Reassess; Review reports provided by your Security Solutions and revisit step #1  How do you make sure the security you choose will provide the protection you need?

We’ve put together this simple process to enable you to walk through each stage.
Discover more about each component of our layered security solution below.

Valuing Your Data
Data Backup
Email Security
Laptop Security
Mobile Security
Web Security
Employee Security Training
Security Policy

If you have questions at any point please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 719.431.6140 or drop us an email at Sales <at> Software Security Solutions dot com. We look forward to helping you secure your data!



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"If your data isn't secure,
it isn't your data"®


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