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If your Data isn't secure, it isn't your Data. ®

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Security Software & Antivirus Software Specialists

Securing data since 2001

Looking for antivirus software or security software? At Software Security Solutions, our business is to help people adopt a layered computer security strategy. We combine security software with services, process and common sense for a layered security solution. Securing computers properly takes the right security software, tools and processes all working together for the best protection.

We recommend tier 2 & 3 security software like ESET, Kaspersky and MalwareBytes antivirus software, data backups and child protection programs, our methodology has what businesses and home computers users need to have a chance at protecting themselves when online with full service software security.

At Software Security Solutions our mission is to raise the bar by making computer security more accessible. We offer only independently tested best in-class security solutions for each threat category, like Avira products. We recommend and provide a layered approach to internet security because different solutions have their strengths and specialize in different areas.

Layered Security is required.


Why Our Layered Security Approach Is Better
Just like in any trade, different tools are good at different things. We find security software tools and cloud based services that work well together, compliment each other and provide strength in layers. Security has and will always be about layers. Our recommendation for layered security software is grounded in the knowledge that computers are vulnerable not only to virus and malware attacks, but also system failures, disasters and theft. At Software Security Solutions we have everything in one place for our customers to benefit from Layered Security coverage.


Business Users
Keeping up with research and security software technology can be overwhelming. Software Security Solutions is here to help. We started by warning of threats from non-viral malicious code and spyware back in 2001. Today, we offer a full suite of proven desktop security solutions to make sure you have the best chance at staying protected. From ESET antivirus software to proactively locked down computers, to cloud based security services we have it all, all working together.

Smaller businesses have more exposure, more risk, and less time and resources to try and realize the security they are after. To ensure our business clients are properly protected, we also consult on cutting-edge solutions like Application Whitelisting, ESET, Email Security and Web filtering security. Our goal is to find the combination of solutions that are the best fit for each business.


Home Computer Security
We really want to help the “little guy” because they need this kind of help the most. Making sure home computers are properly protected also calls for a layered approach. To this end, our computer security software suites are recommended for home users because they are simple to use and contain just about everything needed in a single bundled application.

Our solutions are lower profile targets than the market leaders. When you are the market leader everyone is after you so there is inherent security in lower profile security software.

In addition to antivirus software like ESET, Kaspersky and NOD32, we also offer home users access to a variety of other services. Our full line of software security products for home computer protection also includes parental controls, firewalls, wireless security and online data backup


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