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ESET Antivirus for MAC

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  • MAC Computers require Antivirus protection
  • Getting MAC protection is fast and easy
  • This Antivirus doesn't slow down your MAC!
ESET Cybersecurity is designed to be smart and clean, just like your Mac. Powered by the advanced ThreatSense® scanning engine, ESET Cybersecurity for MAC features proactive protection, an intuitive user interface, and solutions that run seamlessly in the background.
  1. MAC computers are gaining market share. As the MAC platform gains market share it gets the attention of cybercriminals who are writing malicious code. EVERY day new Malware comes out that affects the MAC so it is simply a matter of time before your MAC gets infected – that is, if it operates WITHOUT protection.
  2. ESET Cybersecurity for MAC has the smallest footprint and fastest MAC Antivirus Scanner available.
  3. This powerful combination of ESET technology, Mac OS X, and the complimentary online training (once you purchase a ESET Cybersecurity for MAC license), keeps you safer against cybercriminals. Learn more from the consumer brochure.

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Safe Made Safer
ESET Cybersecurity adds an extra layer of detection to OS X Internet security features:

  • Blocks any attempts to infect your Mac or steal your personal information.
  • Eliminates threats to your Mac from email and removable media, such as USB, FireWire, CDs, and DVDs.
  • Protects your Mac from malicious third party applications.

Eliminates PC Viruses, too
When sharing music, video, or other files, it's possible that these files contain viruses that may not be a threat to the Mac, but should be cleaned to protect your friends, family and others who may receive files from you. ESET Cybersecurity eliminates Windows, Linux and OS X malware in real-time.
Stay Fast
ESET Cybersecurity won't slow your Mac down. Full disk scans run smoothly in the background and security updates are automatic. Now, you can work, play, explore and create without slowdowns, annoying pop-ups, or compromising security for productivity.
Seamless Performance
ESET Cybersecurity is easy to install and setup, features intuitive dashboard displays, and provides instructions on how to address security threats. By integrating seamlessly with your Mac, ESET Cybersecurity works quietly in the background with low memory usage and minimal alerts.


  • On demand and scheduled scans for your various storage devices, including Time Machine archives
  • Proactive detection of Mac and Windows viruses, spyware and other threats, using ESET's ThreatSense technology
  • Small and non-invasive updates
  • Intuitive and familiar OS X look and feel
  • Scanning of shared folders for virtual machines (e.g. Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion, or Bootcamp)
  • Scans removable media, including USB drives, CDs and DVDs, memory sticks, etc.
  • Advanced setup for power-users to control scan depth, set file, folder or volume exclusions, set level of heuristics, and much more

Processors Supported: 32-bit (x86) / 64-bit (x64), Intel®
Operating Systems: Mac OS X 10.5.x (Leopard) or newer
Mac OS X 10.6.x (Snow Leopard) and newer
Memory: 95 MB
Disk Space (Download): 35 MB
Disk Space (Installation): 100 MB


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