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Securing data since 2001

Software Security Solutions provides best-in-class security solutions to business units within North America. Central to the company’s operations is a layered security model, developed and maintained through continuous research and rigorous testing of a wide range of security offerings, to ensure a thorough understanding of the role and relative importance of each element in a Multi-Layered Security Solution. The products and services offered by Software Security Solutions have been
carefully selected to ensure effective integration into a comprehensive layered security framework for stand alone computers and networks.

Layered Security Solutions - Simplified!™

A Short History
We began by warning about the threats from Spyware and other Non-Viral Malicious code back in early 2002. No one had heard of these threats at that time and it was not easy convincing people there were more threats than just Viruses. PestPatrol was the thought leader back then and the first Anti Spyware product available. We started there and built our Layered Security approach by adding NOD32, Outpost, Sonicwall and others.


Our Approach
As a result of this fact, we advocate a Layered Security Solution because there is no silver bullet. We acknowledge that different users require different solutions and different solutions are good at different things. We are always on the lookout for new threats and solutions because our customers simply can’t. We even change products when warranted because threats, protection levels and technology also change.


The Future
As Malware changes we promise to continue to bring to our market the latest and best solutions in each threat category. There are exciting new technologies coming so keep in touch!


Our Mission is to help raise the bar, by making computer security easier to understand for the general computing public and provide only best-in-class security solutions for each threat category.


We envision a world where all consumers, small and medium size businesses understand and have implemented a layered security solution.



To honor God in every thing we do by:

  • Being quick to forgive.
  • Caring for everyone we contact.
  • Offering thanks for all we are given .
  • Remaining fair, just, truthful and honest.
  • Promoting good efforts, thus raising the bar.
  • Honoring the lives of our neighbors all over the world.
  • Providing stepping stones as we journey through this life.


Thank you!
For selecting Software Security Solutions as your central point for computer security.

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"If your data isn't secure,
it isn't your data"®


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