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There are a couple of Layers the need to be considered for Mobile Phone and PDA Security. As mobile devices gain popularity, the threats will become more prevalent and malicious. We recommend getting protection for the mobile device as soon as possible to try and stay ahead of the threats.


Finding the right solution:
For these kinds of solutions it is important to know what operating system the mobile device is using and make sure to get a compatible Anti Malware Solution. We recommend the mobile malware solution be the same as the computer that it syncs up with to avoid potential conflicts.


Mobile Malware
Anti Malware is the first layer to provide protection against mobile malware designed to attack these operating systems. Attacks can come in the form of SPAM SMS messages or by sending malicious code designed to steal or destroy the data.


Anti Theft
The advantage with these mobile computing devices is they are portable and can store a lot of data. The disadvantage is they are portable and can store a lot of data. It is too easy for this data to end up in someone else’s hands.

Using an Anti theft tracking system can put proactive measures into your hands to block, Clean and secure the data and identify the new phone number in case the thief changes the SIM card in the phone.


Recommended Mobile Phone Security Solutions:


ESET Mobile Antivirus ESET Mobile Antivirus

Device Requirements:

Operating System Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone/Smartphone Edition
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard/Professional Edition
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard/Professional Edition
Memory 1 MB
Compatible Devices

ESET Mobile Antivirus is designed to be compatible with most devices running the operating systems listed above.
HTC Advantage
HTC Faraday (Cingular 2125)*
HTC Touch (Verizon XV6900)
HTC TyTN (Cingular 8525)
Palm Treo 750
Pantech Duo*
Samsung BlackJack II*
UTStarcom XV6700 (Verizon XV6700)
XDA Atom Life
*Tested on unlocked device
Unsupported Devices
These devices are known to have compatibility problems and are not supported at this time.
Asus MyPal A696 PDA
iMate SPL (PhoneOne S101)
Samsung SGH-i900 (Fplayer Addict)



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