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The end user is the weakest link in computer security. Security training is the next logical step in the Layered Security Solution. Computer users represent the largest threat surface because hackers take advantage of our habits, inherent trust, and behaviors under certain conditions.

To combat those learned conditions we need constant reminders and educations that the threats are always changing and so must our understanding of computer security.

Where to start;
An employee security training program begins with awareness. We need to be aware of the dangers lurking on the internet, in email, IM, mobile phones and computers and how best to handle them. It is also important to know where to report suspicious activities and events when they happen.

Employee Security Awareness:
To assist in creating a security awareness campaign we have assembled trusted resources to get you started. Of course you can always recommend they review our layered security solution as it will always be changing.

Send employees the security tip of the day to keep it “top of mind”


Application Updates:
Attacks of the future will focus on commonly used programs in addition to the browser and operating systems. Therefore it is imperative that all programs stay as up to date as possible. When a software provider does not update their program or allow it to run with Limited rights, it is time to find a replacement that will.

It is common knowledge that the Windows operating system be kept up to date but we have assembled other programs that also need regular checks for available updates. Make sure to check all your applications regularly for updates.

Anti Malware,
Office Programs
Accounting Programs – Peachtree, Quickbooks, Quicken
Adobe Programs
CRM Programs – ACT!, Goldmine etc.
Crystal Reports


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"If your data isn't secure,
it isn't your data"®


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